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Our service aims to provide you with a fast, efficient and value added service.  

Client mark-ups should be reasonable and candidate remuneration should be at a premium.  

We view engagements as partnerships, placements as mission accomplished and service as our primary service differentiator. 

Based on quality and service, CBX has carved itself a nitch in staffing and is making a difference one placement at a time.    
The CBX story and Staff Augmentation services goes back to the company's inception in 1998. The company started off with some contract placements with local government entities which grew over time.  

During 2008, CBX efforts within the staffing sector increased greatly after securing and maintain first one and then multiple Federal staffing contracts. 

In 2012, it was clear that staffing was becoming a significant portion of CBX operations. That is when CBX decided to expaned its staffing operatins into private sector. 

The CBX Difference
A CBX staffing managing director spen over ten-years with a large multi-national staffing company.  During his tenure he came to discover that the industry approached clients with staffing as a commodity with the chief focus on fees.  Job seekers are routed thought onbaording proesses like widgets on a factory assembly line. Likewise, internal agency staff are often recruited for sales skills vs. demostratable recruiting excellence.  The internal effect within many large agencies is turn-over so high that clients and job seekers continuously deal with new faces.  Bottom line: Differentiation between agencies is minimal and for many clients agency value is minimal too. 
Resultantly, CBX believes that client mark-ups should not be excessive and candidate pay rates should be at a premium. The primary goals of a staffing agency are to provide a convenient, efficient and value added service to employers and job seekers. This means that we put people first. That we view engagements as partnerships, placements as mission accomplished and first rate professionalism as a large part of our service differentiator. 

We look forward to providing you with convenience, speed, selection and fit. Whether you are a client, a job seeker or internal employee of CBX you will come to learn that we not only say what we believe but we also practice what we say and we are passionate about it too. For us, things are that simple. 

If you believe in change, have high expectations and would like to join us in changing the world “one placement at a time” please contact us at your earliest convenience. In the mean time, please continue to explore our website and services from an employer or job seeker vantage point.


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