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Delivering Professional Services Since  1998
  CBX Professional Services
We deliver convenience, speed, selection and fit
Staffing Services

We Know Talent

We stand behind our service, clients and job seekers. 

Our service is of no benefit if it is not performed correctly. 

If you are not satisfied we will do whatever it takes to make it right. 

     Guarantee:  The CBX assurance of promise that our services will meet or exceed your expectations every time. 


Our word is our bond

We take our responsibilities at CBX Staffing seriously
That is why we back up our services with guarantees and stand behind them. While we work hard to negate your need to use our guarantees, we want you to have the peace of mind to know they are there if you ever need them. 

We stand behind our service and candidates from start to finish. 

          No fine print. 

          No legal ease or terminology. 

Iron clad guarantees you can count on: 
        • Direct Hire (Perm) fees are pro-rated for the first 1/2 year;
                  - If a direct-hire starter leaves during the first 6-months, except for layoff 
                    or downsizing we pro-rate our fee and refund the difference

          • Direct Hire fall off in first 30-days = expedient refill within 30-business days
                  - Or, the first 30-days is free

          • Temps have a first day unconditional 4-hour guarantee
                  - Just call us during the first four hours if you are not satisfied

        • Temp-to-hire conversion fees pro-rate to zero in 90-days;
                - After 90-days of consecutive assignment, zero fee to convert to direct  hire.  No 
                  ands, ifs or buts.  Want to convert sooner?  Pay only a pro-rate portion of our fee 

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