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As a competitive differentiator 
CBX Staffing does NOT maintain salary guides internally. This removes any potential conflict of interest on our part. 

Benefits of 3rd party salary guides
  • Maintained and governed by independent sources
  • Fair and objective insight (local and national)
  • Constantly updated vs. an annual effort or longer 
  • Reflect market rates vs. our version of the truth

Our salary sources include

Free Salary Tool courtesy CareerBuilder: 

We provide salary guide info...
As a courtesy service to our clients.  To request a salary/range, please complete the form to the right and submit or give us a call at: 

510 567-7718

We look forward to sourcing your salary information. 

Staffing firms negotiate fees & bill rates based on salaries.  

Resultantly, we do not believe our clients should rely on salary guides we maintain. 

CBX relies on independent 3rd parties for salary guide information. 

Submit the form or give us a call for a salary inquery: 

510 567-7718
An alternative FREE salary source is provided on the web by CareerBuilder at:
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A final source for salary insight which is FREE and ONLINE is O*Net On-line which is created for the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. Simply access the site and perform an "Occupation" search by job title. When results display see "wages" section for median wage (hourly and annual). The tool also provides high level position duties.

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