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First and foremost, CBX Staffing is a direct hire placement firm
That is we seek gainful long term employment for our job seekers through Direct Hire placements and/or Temp-to-Hire assignments. We take this position because temporary assignments are typically not the first choice for most job seekers. However, many a job seeker has provided top-notch work-product on a temporary basis while their full-time job search was in progress. Nevertheless, our underlying goal is to first and foremost place job seekers with full-time employment opportunities. 

Our obligations to our clients - We...
• Value your time, schedule and priorities
• Permit you to “Place staffing orders” on-line but are just as happy to take orders by phone or in person
• Listen and proactively determine your needs, wants and "AVOIDS" and service accordingly
• Return your calls and e-mails same day or next day as a matter of common courtesy 
• Communicate frequently during the search process while honoring your contact methods/times
• Provide option/convenience of Skype interviews with candidates whenever possible/desired
• Offer the convenience of digital signatures (sign docs from PC) when possible
• Keep our service competitive and affordable
• Provide total customer satisfaction

Benefits of working with CBX Staffing
Convenience: convenience & convenience: We staff so you can focus on your core business activities. 
Speed: When we consistently source up the best talent quickly and efficiently we become the best. 
Selection: Your greatest expense is payroll. We help you manage that expense through selection. 
Fit: Education, experience and skills can be a spot-on but fit is what ensures a long term match. 

We don’t lock our clients or candiates into temporary assignments.  

Our Temp-to-Hire conversion fees to clients are pro-rated to “zero out” after 90-days of continuous assignment.  

Temporary assignments should NEVER be a 
barrier to full time employment for our clients or job seekers. 

The best success we can ever achieve is your recommendation. That is what we strive for everyday. 
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