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Flexibility is one 
of our key differentiators. In any engagement flexibility may well underpin your satisfaction. 

If you require greater flexibility than we are providing just give us a shout.  

Being open to new ideas from clients further separtes us from the pack. 
  Process: The act of proceeding; continued forward movement; procedure; progress; advance...

Our Placement Process

Our policy is to be flexible
This means we put you in charge of telling us what is important. Translation: We make it easy for you to get started with us and you are in control.  

Recommended Process (order/events may vary)
1. Collect staffing order and details (including service type: Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, Temporary or Contract job order)
2. Determine skill/experience and other role requirements (collect job description)
3. Interview hire manger if time and schedule permits (for skills, traits and fit for company and team)
4. Convey Terms of Business including fees/bill rates as appropriate
5. Set client expectations for resume presents, interview send outs and/or starts if emergency fill
6. If hard to fill role, multi-post well written job ad for job boards, social media and CBX site(s)
7. Search CBX talent pool, matrix/most placeable and on-calls lists for candidate match
8. Extend search to just-in-time-staffing sources; boards, Linked-in, Social Networks if needed
9. Perform screenings: resume reviews, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews
10. Gap list any outstanding skill evaluations, certification and/or degree verifications
11. Short list job seekers for resume presents and/or client interviews 
12. Perform any required background tests and or drug screenings
13. Verify US work eligibility via e-verify process as assignment, role or client requests
14. Temps: Process employment paperwork; I-9, W-4 and EDD requirements
15. Confirm Start date with client and candidate
16. On start-day perform arrival calls at start time with (client and candidate)
17. Perform 2nd day quality call (client and candidate) - weekly quality calls thereafter
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