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Why Job Seekers Choose CBX...

There are thousands of staffing agencies/firms out there.  Many candidates register with multiple firms in hopes of landing the right opportunity sooner. We look forward to setting a very high bar for competitors. 

What makes CBX Staffing peerless for job seekers? 
1. In a word its “attitude”. 
2. In a phrase it’s “response, speed, choice and wages”. 
3. In a paragraph… “Employment is foundational to human self worth and respect. Therefore, when you knock on our door you will hear back from us within 24-hours. We believe frequent, open and honest communication is our differentiator. While our professionalism starts with response, it continues with a mentality that time is money. If you aren't working or you're ready to move on, speed is of the essence. We also take to heart that you have wants, needs and desires as we did during our job searches. During our search process we insure you are presented with opportunities that provide you with choice including employer. Job seekers are our most valuable resource and that is why we seek/pay top wages as a matter of course. When our candidates win, we win. "It's that simple“.

If you need more than three good reasons to engage with us, you will be happy to know we are working on one-million and counting. That is, we are working on our goal of placing 1-million job seekers with clients. We can’t change the world overnight but we do seek to change it “one placement at a time”. 

Our specialized staffing services 
  • CBX Office Professionals
  • CBX Technical Professionals
  • CBX Government Professionals

How can we serve you today? 

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 We match. 

You win. 

It's that simple. 

We respect Job Seekers through prompt response, speed of effort, employer choice and top tier wages. 
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