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We deliver convenience, speed, selection and fit
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Our Staffing Approach

We seek lifetime partnerships. We are honest. We don’t rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to re-earn your trust. We don’t present ourselves to job seekers as the employer in job postings or post jobs that don’t exist. We don't cast wide nets for job seekers just to learn who they know.  We respect the communicaton prefferences of employers and their time.  We seek to provide a convenience and free employers to concentrate on their core business deliverables.  We treat our employees well resulting in improved internal retention rates which promote long term relationships. We're a service delivery organization - not telephone marketers. We strive to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We do this by delivering...
Convenience, speed, selection and fit
  • We provide clients and job seekers with convenience: Ours is a service based on frequent communications  

  • Our service speed is critical: The best staffing service in the world is not the best if placements aren't made quickly 

  • We offer selection vs. a one size fits all: Clients choose from diverse candidates as do job seekers with employers

  • Fit is the final word on a successful placement: We make sure we match the hard/soft skills for a culture fit

In a world of tough competitors
Our mission is to provide a value added service to our clients and candidates with each engagement. If you desire peerless service, have high expectations and would like to join us in changing the world “one placement at a time” please contact us at your earliest convenience: 510 567-7718

In the interim...
Please explore our website and services from a job seeker or client vantage point...

CBX Staffing takes great pride in providing fair and honest dealings to employers and job seekers.
We do make it that simple

Talent is not a commodity. 

Talent is rare  treasure.    

Talent requires care and feeding.

Talent attracts. 

CBX Staffing knows, honors and recruits talent. 


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