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We deliver convenience, speed, selection and fit
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Our Differentiators

 For Job Seekers AND Employers
- First and foremost we place job seekers in full-time positions - nobody wants to be/remain a temporary worker
- We are also a temporary employment firm - business has spoken and workforce flexibility is here to stay
- We learn and honor your contact preferences - when to call and which number to use for openers 
- Our screening approach is to first rule-in vs. out - we keep options open and turn all stones for A-players
- We leverage technology to provide convenience to those we serve:
     > Video Interviews (live and/or recorded to speed up the process)
     > E-Signature (electronic signatures save travel, time and paper)
     > Text Message (when speed is critical) contacts must opt-in first

Additional for Job Seekers
1. We offer select national holiday compensation - and we don't require 1,000+ hours of service first either
2. Earn one vacation day every two months - one paid day off accrued every 2-months**
3. We offer performance based bonus pay on top of wages - bonus paid at end of each temp assignment or quarterly
4. We do not lock anyone into temp roles - our direct-hire fees pro-rate to zero after 90-days of continuous assignment
5. We only advertise "REAL" jobs - and we pull down filled jobs the day they are filled

When a temp works 21 consecutive business days (one-month) prior to select bank holidays, we provide holiday pay:
New Years Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
** Earn one paid day off after each 42 consecutive 8-hour business days worked

Additional  for Employers
1. We recruit for “Character” first - skills can be learned
2. Our direct-hire fees are limited to 15% of annual wage plus bonus - in an industry that averages 20% or more
3. Our direct-hire placements include a 1/2-year refundable pro-ration*** - in addition to our 30-day no-fee guarantee
4. Our temporary bill rates are reasonable - we seek to create long term partnerships and earn your repeat business
5. We do not lock anyone into temp roles - our direct hire fees pro-rate to zero after 90-days of continuous assignment

*** If a direct hire leaves during their first 6-months, excluding downsizing, we will refund the pro-rated difference if we can't refill 

We do make it that simple

We never charge job seekers a fee

We recruit for “Character” first

We don’t advertise fake jobs

Our direct-hire fees are limited to 15%

We don’t lock anyone into temporary roles

We offer Temps select national holiday pay

Our direct hire fees include a 1/2-year 
pro-ration guarantee

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