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Resume Tips

Resume Basics
1. Proofread: Zero spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. None. Not even one. 
2. Use white background and keep plenty of spacing “white spots throughout”.
3. Shoot for a one-page resume but certainly no more than two pages maximum.
4. Be organized, logical and concise in laying out and presenting your resume. 
5. Keep a positive narrative throughout. Emphasize a positive, "can do attitude". 

Definitive Resume Advice
Your Resume Is Boring?
How to Increase Your Career Opportunities... 
By Dr. John Sullivan Monday, August 2, 2010

​Resume Writing Services
CBX Staffing does NOT endorse resume writing services in general or anyone in particular. Nevertheless, these services can be found from web search engines. We strongly recommend you research any potential service, compare deliverables, quality and pricing and make an informed decision before considering or selecting any service. Caveat emptor "Buyer Beware".  

Your resume is your first impression. 

Hire mangers screen a resume in 15 seconds or less. 

It's best to submit a resume on a role/position or opportunity basis. 
Resume definition: A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications. 
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