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The CBX Job Seeker Process

Our policy is to be flexible  
This means we make it easy for you to get started with us, you are in control and we serve you (not the other way around). 

Our candidate process
  1. All we need to get started is for you to
  2. We review resume, start your profile and give you a call to discuss your wants, needs and goals
  3. We schedule a live online video interview with you instead of making you travel to our office
  4. We provide guidance, advice and resume tips 
  5. We deliver web-based skill assessments depending on the role/position you seek/experience*
  6. We create your profile and story in our system for matching to jobs and for presenting to clients
  7. We process your registration with us quickly and with very little data entry on your part
  8. We process your employment paperwork with minimal effort on your part (I-9/W-4)
  9. We make sure your wage is competitive and commensurate with your skills and experience
  10. We communicate frequently and deliver difficult news as quickly as good news

  *If you have access to a personal computer you can take our skill assessments remotely

CBX Staffing will always
 • Value your time, schedule and priorities
 • Let you get started with us via a quick and easy resume upload
 • Return your calls within 24-hours and follow-up with you during your job search frequently
 • Offer to interview you remotely by phone or Skype video eliminating the time and expense of a trip to our office
 • Determine your passion, wants and needs and develop an employment game plan
 • Leverage digital signatures whenever possible for your convenience (sign documents from home or work)
 • Present your profile to clients frequently for earnest consideration

We look to simplify our process for job seekers. 

We don’t want you spending 30-minutes registering.  

We won’t ask for your Social Security Number until we place you. 

Just send us your resume and we will take it from there. 
We earn your time and consideration by making it easy for you to enguage and get strated with us.
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