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​If you are not satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.  

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. The true test of ultimate satisfaction is how mistakes are addressed once made known.

Our job is straight forward: Find the right job at the right time for you. 

CBX Job Seeker Bill of Rights

We NEVER charge a fee to a candidate – ever 
You are our # 1 priority. As a job seeker, when you knock at our door, we’ll respond within 24-hours or less. You can expect to be provided with an honest assessment and our professional advice quickly. We’ll work to place you in a Temp, Perm or Contract position sooner rather than later. You’ll be in control and there won’t ever be any surprises. We won’t ask for your Social Security number until we find you a job (SSN required for temporary and contract placements). We pay top wages and offer assignment end bonus. We will not underpay you ever. You are the key focus of the employment equation and we want to treat you fairly. We work to earn your respect, trust and referrals. You’ll get timely and honest feedback – we deliver bad news as quickly as the good news. We don’t go silent. We will NEVER represent ourselves as the employer in a job want-ad. We do not misrepresent ourselves. Finally, we believe recent college graduates are our future. 

  • We NEVER charge fees to job seekers
  • We answer your knock at our door in 24 hrs or less
  • We provide an honest assessment and advice quickly
  • We pay top wages and offer assignment end bonus
  • We deliver bad new as fast as the good news – we don’t go silent
  • We never represent ourselves as "the employer" in Job ads
  • We don’t advertise “fake” job ads
  • We make sure you don’t get placement “surprises”
  • We won’t ask for your Social Security # until we find you a job
  • We support temp-to-hire and pro-rate client fees to zero @ 90-days
  • We believe recent college graduates are our future
  • We treat our job seekers as our most valuable resources

If we can't keep our job seekers happy, we will be hard pressed to keep our employers happy. Ultimate customer satisfaction begins with happy employees. We sincerely seek to keep our job seekers happy and we begin this by treating them as our most valuable resource

CBX Staffing works to earn your ongoing relationship, recommendation and refferals.

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