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Staffing Services

We Know Talent

We promote opportunity for our talent pool as well as government agencies seeking workforce solutions. 

Our services support the goals and objectives of small business government partnerships. 

Our efforts strengthen the communities we live and work in and our commitment that were in this together. 

We look forward to giving you the convenience, speed, selection and fit your talent and workforce objectives demand. 

Contract Government Services

CBX Staff Contracts is our service type for Federal, State and Local government agencies. In a nutshell, we provide qualified and experienced “contractors”, who are full time “Salaried” CBX Staffing employees. We place our employees on site at government agencies. Our staff augments existing government workforce employees and/or initiatives. 

CBX Staffing partners with government agencies by providing services and workforce solutions that solve critical talent challenges within the government sector. From Administrative Services to Information and Technology initiatives, CBX can help you meet your workload challenges, improve efficiency and productivity, and control labor costs. CBX partners with the public workforce sector by helping people with barriers to employment find gainful career based employment. 

Benefits for Government Agencies
- Solve critical talent sourcing, screening and filling challenges quickly
- Meet workload challenges while improving productivity and efficiency
- Control fixed labor costs while leveraging a value add secondary labor market
- Reduce overhead associated with government personnel and administrative duties  
- Help people with barriers to employment find sustainable, career focused employment
- Fulfill Minority/Disadvantage Small Business contract programs and objectives

Federal agencies we already serve
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Homeland Security (FEMA)
  • Library of Congress
  • Securities and Exchange Commission

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