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Direct hire freezes in effect? Overcome this obstacle with a contractor worker.

No training required: Contractors have expert level skill and experience.

No payroll, fringe or benefit costs (no workers comp or unemployment insurance).

Contractor Services

In initiatives where outcomes are critical and timelines are firm you will find contractors at work. 

Client Focused Contractor Benefits
• Work-around if a direct-hire freeze is in affect but the work must be completed
• Economical when you need a very specific skill for a fixed period of time 
• No training required: Contractors have expert level skill and experience

Contractors are independent Subject Matter Experts with significant experience and very specific skill sets. 

Contractor staffing is just what it sounds like: Independent contractors “experts” CBX Staffing places that are NOT our employees nor are they under our client’s direct control either. Our contractors agree to a specific work effort/product and timeline for a pre-arranged a pay rate and CBX Staffing passes this on to our clients in the form of a bill rate.

When our contractors accept a new contract, they are responsible for how, when and where the work takes place. They maintain quality standards and timelines agreed upon. Neither CBX nor our client directs a contractor’s schedule, hours or work effort. However, a contractor may work at a client’s location with use of a worksite/cube, software/hardware and/or supplies. Each Contractor placement terms can be different depending on the contractor, effort and client.  

CBX Staffing assists our clients in managing the work effort from a progress, status and due-date perspective. CBX also serves as our contractor’s agent in regards to change orders and critical path dependency issues with our client. CBX may also have obligations to line-up future initiatives, projects and jobs so our contractors can focus on their services/projects.  
If the outcome is critical and the timeline cannot slip a contractor is often the answer.

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