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Staffing Services

We Know Talent

Benefit from work effort/productivity throughout the review period. 

Gain the hiring process controls that will prevent costly turnover situations. 

Reduce hire costs through CBX's 90-day conversion pro-rate policy. 

Let us provide you with a workforce of proven performers that are already contruibuting to your bottom line. 

Temp-to-Hire Services

The best way to predict a candidate's success is to observe that persons skills, interactions and work ethic in your work environment on a daily basis over an extended period of time. When leveraging a Temp to Hire “Look-see” approach through CBX, you can watch a candidate over time and confirm that your expectations will be met.  

As a CBX standard business practice, all of our “Temp to Hire” assignments carry a conversion-fee proration over the course of the first 90-days of continuous assignment service. Meaning that if you place a staffing order with us under the “Temp to Hire” service type and staff that order with one of our candidates for 90-days, you have the option of converting this candidate to direct hire at a conversion fee of zero ($0.00). We value each clients business and we also know that 95%+ of our candidates prefer full time employment. When we put a candidate on a Temp to Hire assignment we DO NOT want a fee to discourage direct hire conversion. We always seek to do right by our clients and candidates.  
Temp to Hire Benefits Include  
• Only approved candidates convert to direct hire status  
• Temp-to-Hire resources already know the job, you and staff
• Proven time tested candidates are more likely to exceed expectations

Efficiencies Gained
• Work effort/productivity throughout the review period
• Hiring process control prevents costly turnover mistakes
• Hire costs are reduce with CBX conversion pro-rate policy

Contact us today about a risk-free "Temp to Hire" placement for your organization. We source and you confirm. What could be better than a workforce of proven performers that are already contributing to your bottom line? Contact us today. 

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