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A lean staffing approach that leverages 
temporary staff for peek production equals efficiency. 

Gain access to candidates who are experienced, skilled and can hit the ground running. 

Temporary workers can help you control costs, improve production and manage risk. 
Temporary staffing can alleviate staff burn-out, augment productivity and help your company limit turnover. 

Temporary Services

How flexible is your ability to expand or contract based on market conditions? With CBX Staffing Temporary services your workforce can be as flexible as you desire. Our multi service approach can deliver the right people when and where for as long as you need them. We assign vetted and qualified resources that are sure to hit the ground running. 

If your organization is like 90% of business out there, labor is your single largest expense. This begs trimming staff to meet the needs of normal operations and then using an on demand staffing approach that can quickly ramp up or down.  

CBX can supplement your staff with trained temporary recruits to meet peak production demands as needed. When you use temporary staff instead of direct hires, all costs associated with processing and administering payroll and benefits are transferred from your company to CBX including HR activities. This strategy can help you to control cost, improve production, and manage risk. 

CBX follows the same rigorous screening procedures for both temporary personnel and permanent hires, which increases your chances of getting the right candidate. CBX provides candidates who not only posses the skills and experience you require, but who also have the soft skills to fit in with your teams.  

Training is another expense that affects your bottom line. It not only shows up in dollars, but in lower productivity and poorer quality that result from employing inexperienced staff. Cut training costs and improve quality and productivity by employing experienced temporary employees. 

Working closely with CBX, you gain access to candidates who are well trained and have experience in the skills your company needs. Many companies push direct staff to produce more with fewer resources and as the stress increases, so do problems with quality, output, non-attendance, and ultimately, turnover. Take this pressure off by supplementing staff with Temps from CBX.  

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