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Staffing Services

We Know Talent

Risk free auditions for direct hire placements

We Communicate Frequently
We view our engagements as partnerships and we will keep the lines of communications open.  We don’t go silent. We deliver bad news as fast as the good news. We make sure you know were sourcing hard on your behalf and that we will not leave any stones unturned in our efforts to meet your employment goals. We also capture and respect your communication preferences. 

We Recruit On Demand  
Our sourcing services are designed to present candidates who add value from day one. Through our talent pools, networks and source systems we have the breadth to quickly short-list skilled resources from a wide range of market sectors and talent pools.  

We Deliver Quickly
Through our national sourcing channels, we have access to substantial pool of skilled individuals in a wide variety of disciplines and industries.  We leverage proven and reliable functional role related assessments to quantify and verify candidates' competencies and alignment with your work environment. 

We Reduce Costs
Ramping staff up or down quickly in response to your market conditions not only protects your permanent workforce but it also controls expense.  With CBX as your partner, the expense associated with hiring, search, assessment, verification and reference checks becomes our obligation.  Benefits, retirement, taxes and long-term compensation responsibilities are also mitigated.  

Permanent full time employees

Ondemand staff for days, weeks or months

Experienced Independant contractors

.Gov - CBX employees on your staff

Whatever your need, requirement or time-line we have a staffing service to meet your needs. 

Give us a call or send us a staffing order.  

We are passionate about exceeding your expectations. 

The right staff at the right time for the right price.  We will not disappoint.  

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